Local Authorities and Services

If you have just moved into the area it is likely that one of the first things to find out is when your bins are collected. This link will help you find the answer. Bins, recycling and waste – Harrogate Borough Council

For those of us struggling financially at this current time, this NYCC page is a helpful one to visit to see what support is currently available to you. Cost of living support | North Yorkshire County Council

Knaresborough Library is a great place to go for local information. https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/knaresborough-library


Knaresborough is a town which is currently served by both North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Council, each with different responsibilities. However this will be changing in 2023 when these two councils unite to form a single unitary authority. 

Our community also has a Town Council, and this will remain unchanged.

Here is a link to the Knaresborough Town Council website, and an explanation of what services the Town Council, Borough Council, and County Council are currently responsible for http://www.knaresboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk/Council_Services_21588.aspx

Wards & Councillors 

Knaresborough is split into four different wards – Aspin & Calcutt, Castle, Eastfield, and Scriven Park. These are smaller areas in the town which are each represented by different elected councillors.

Please use the following link to find out which ward your home is within and who your local councillors are: www.writetothem.com.

The list of your Knaresborough Town Councillors can be found using this link http://www.knaresboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk/Councillors_21479.aspx


Just because you pay council tax does not mean you are on the electoral roll and can vote in local or general elections. To make sure you are registered to vote please check with Harrogate Borough Council electoral services here https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/voting-elections/electoral-register

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