Friends of Jacob Smith Park

The Friends of Jacob Smith Park is a voluntary group, dedicated to the protection, conservation and enhancement of this stunning historic parkland

The Friends of JSP are a friendly band of volunteers dedicated to working to protect, maintain and enhance this beautiful and historic parkland. The community group was fully constituted in 2008 - the same year the park was opened to the public.

THey are committed to encouraging the whole community to value and enjoy their park, whilst sharing it with respect for one another and nature. They are also passionate about bringing people of all ages together to care for such a special recreational green space, an important home for wildlife and valuable educational setting.

Miss Winifred Jacob Smith MBE granted us all the freedom of the park, and we must never take it for granted.

It is so important that it is enjoyed as Miss Jacob Smith intended - by everyone - and cherished for generations to come.

The Friends of JSP would love to hear from you.

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