Home Education Drama Classes - Yorkshire CREATE

Home Education drama classes for children from age 4-18 on Thursdays at Calcutt Village Hall
10:00-10:45 Junior (Age 4-7)
Explore creativity through fun and interactive drama activities

11:00-12:00 Intermediate (Age 8-11)
Unlock the world of imagination and build confidence

1:00-2:00 Senior (Age 12-14)
Dive deeper into the art of drama and storytelling

2:00-3:00 Advanced (Age 15-18)
Hone your skills and express yourself in this dynamic advanced class

1:1 Lessons also available
Tailored sessions for personalised growth and development

Secure your spot now and let your children embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and confidence-building through the world of drama! To join us, please email admin@yorkshire-create.co.uk.
£10 per session for Junior class £12.50 per session for Intermediate, Senior and Advanced classes £24 per session for private lessons
Thursdays, Calcutt and Forest Moor Village Hall
13-18, 0-5, 6-12

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